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The Uzh river and other rivers shown on the map of the Zhytomyr Oblast.

The Uzh (Ukrainian: Уж) is a river, a right tributary of the Pripyat, which empties into the Kiev Reservoir, in central Ukraine. It takes its source in the Zhytomyr Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine, and then flows briefly near the delta of the Berezina River. The Uzh then flows near the city of Chernobyl of Kiev Oblast, into the Pripyat River.

Its length is 256 km (159 mi) and its drainage basin is 8,080 km2 (3,120 sq mi). The length of the river's valleys are 1–7 km (0.62–4.35 mi) long, and the length of its channels are about 5–40 km (3.1–24.9 mi). The river takes its source form the spring thaws. It freezes over in the winter, only thawing in late March, from which it takes much of its water supply.

The city of Korosten is located on the Uzh river.


Coordinates: 51°15′41″N 30°15′52″E / 51.2614°N 30.2644°E / 51.2614; 30.2644

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